A cluttered home is a cluttered mind

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And you definitely shouldn’t have to resort to killing your spouse to get what’s yours

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Wake up smiling everyday

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The story of businessman and the fisherman

There was once a businessman standing on the beach in a small fishing village. Looking out to sea, he noticed a local fisherman rowing his boat to shore. The businessman was impressed by all the fat, fresh fish that the fisherman had caught.

Make sure you’re prepared to handle the consequences

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The gentrification of Mahjong teaches a valuable lesson on the importance of professional copywriting

The Mahjong Line’s  “Cheeky” line
Source: Gear Patrol, The Mahjong Line

They were supposed to bring you success and happiness but, instead, they overwhelm you with stress

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A house

The dream of home ownership still infiltrates our perception of success. …

#3 — Our education system tanked this product

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Red Lobster Underestimates How Much Crab People Can Eat

My family used to love buffets. We rarely went since we never ate our money’s worth, except for maybe my dad. But we went for the variety and because it was easier than spending half an hour trying to decide where to go. When we did go, we came home overly stuffed. If there was seafood offered, especially crab legs — watch out. There’s usually a smorgasbord of plates filled with those little pinchers and actual brawls have happened at buffets over these crustaceans.

You don’t need to purge to create a happier life

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That has nothing to do with how much you have in your bank account, retirement or emergency funds

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And keeping things that are no longer useful

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