How Long It Really Takes To Change Your Life

It’s not as long as you think

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How long do you think it takes to change your life?

Like really change it?

Maybe you feel stuck in a job, in a relationship, or you’re, for lack of a better word, just unhappy?

How long do you think it’ll take you to make a change? A significant change? A life changing change?

A month, a year, 10 years?

Or more importantly, how long have you been thinking about changing your life?

And if you’re still thinking about it, why haven’t you taken the first step?

For most of us, we think of change as something huge, dramatic, and almost impossible. After all, nobody likes change. We believe it’ll take years to make the changes we really want with our lives.

We believe:

So we never change or even take that first step towards it because it’s too hard.

But how long does it really take to change your life?

Only a second.

Bad changes, good changes — they can all happen within a second.

Sometimes bad changes can be out of our control — an accident or a death, and they only take a second to change our lives completely. And because bad changes can happen so quickly, it scares us to deviate from our routine.

But good change can also happen in a second.

We can change our lives for the better — have a career we love, embark on a new creative endeavour, become that writer.

All we need to do is decide to make that change.

Just like a flip of a switch, we can change our lives instantly for the better if we make a choice and we commit to it.

We may not be able to see good change happen in a matter of seconds but I believe you can feel it in every bone of your body once you make that choice and commit.

Much like how bad change can leave you with a pit in your stomach or a hole in your heart, good…no…great life-changing change can fill you up with joy and excitement.

It only takes a second to change your life.

Nobody is asking you to change your life. You’re asking yourself if you want to change.

Change is easy. Thinking about change makes it hard.

If we just stopped thinking so much, imagine how different our lives could be. We could finally stop letting fear drive our decisions and just make a decision.

There’s a lot of power and freedom in finally making a decision.

It’s hard to decide and it’s hard to commit (and stay committed).

But it only takes a second.

One pause in our negative thoughts.

One decision.

One step forward.

One second.

Thanks for reading!

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