I’m working full time and decided to keep my 2 year old from day care due to the still rising cases covid here. I’ve locked myself in the bathroom to cry because it’s so overwhelming and my husband helps out plus I have family. I couldn’t imagine doing it alone like you are now.

You say it’s not a lot of work when you type it out but it is! It’s so much work. I beg you to stop doing the chores and stop feeling guilty about it. Your mental health is so important and you’ll only end up resenting H if you continue down this path. Ultimatums should be the last resort but you need to have a serious talk with H.

The only thing I do around the house on a regular basis now are dishes. My husband is the one who decided to bring cleaners in once a month and we just wipe up the rest of the days and I’m so happy he made that decision. I now do laundry every 2–3 weeks when by kid literally is down to one shirt. I’ve set up boundaries for myself or I would go crazy.

It’s not fair to you that H gets 2–3 hours of a break when he comes home early while the only “break” you get is sleep.

I’d love to hear a follow-up.

Best of luck to you!

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