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I bought a lottery ticket a few weeks ago for LottoMax. The jackpot was $60 million!
I know that PowerBall in the States can reach up to hundreds of millions (which blows my mind) but I’d be elated to win $60 million.

I rarely buy lottery tickets unless the jackpot reaches that high and even then, it’s a rare occasion. According to CBC, there is about a 1 in a 29 million chance of winning a $15 million jackpot which means, the odds are even more unfavourable as the jackpot goes up. I don’t actually believe that I’ll win but at least with a ticket, I actually have a chance.

But more than a chance, buying that ticket means we have permission to dream about winning the lottery. And that’s all it is isn’t it? Me buying a dream.

It’s also a sacrifice. I spent $10 on that ticket.

Ten dollars.

It may not seem like much but it’s still a sacrifice made for almost zero chance of winning.

So why buy one?

The thing about a lottery ticket is that it’s tangible and you know the outcome if you win, no matter how minuscule the odds are. With that ticket in my hand, I now have the ability to create a life of luxury, a life of my choosing, even if it’s only for the week and if only in my mind. I don’t get to give that to myself if I don’t buy a ticket.

“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.” — Unknown

How many of us are willing to sacrifice a part of ourselves or something we’ve earned for the unknown? And if we are, how much of it are we willing to spend before we decide it’s not worth it anymore?

That’s the problem with chasing our dreams. When we actually go for it, we don’t just gamble our money (and it’s usually more than $10); we gamble our time, our pride, and ourselves and we have to figure out whether our dreams are worth gambling on, whether we’re worth the gamble.

That’s it isn’t it?

It’s not whether our dreams are worth it, it’s whether (we believe) we’re worth the gamble or not.

That’s what we need to decide.

We need to decide whether we’re worth the time, the money, the sweat and tears because we’re not only building a dream, we’re building ourselves. Testing our abilities, our strengths, our weaknesses, how soon we will crumble in the face of adversity or if we will keep standing in the eye of a tornado.

The gamble isn’t on our dream. The gamble is on us.

Most will say betting on yourself is the safest bet to make and yet very few of us will make that bet.

We’d rather buy a lottery ticket instead.

PS. If you liked this post (and even if you didn’t, I would love to hear from you). What are you struggling with?

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