When We Get Off Track & 4 Mindsets To Get Us Back On

Forgive yourself and move on

Motivation and Inspiration will get you nowhere

It’s Hard for Everyone

  • Find someone to talk to about the obstacles and set backs. Friends, family. Someone you trust. Sometimes, even talking to your pet can do the trick. Negative thoughts create negative thoughts until we become completely paralyzed by them. Once we hear them aloud, it’s out there and realize it’s not as hard as we initially thought.
  • If you’re uncomfortable talking to someone in person, go online. There are so many forums and blogs with hundreds of people facing the same obstacles.
  • Write them down. If we can see the problems in front of us, we can deal with them item by item rather than allowing them to accumulate in our minds.
  • Read the backstories of the most successful. Even just an excerpt of the stories behind the success to the rich and famous will tell you of the struggles they faced. Read them and find the inspiration behind their stories.



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